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Upskill your team with Red Stag Timber

We train your staff so they can better advise customer on the most suitable products.
We provide your customers with the information they need to choose the right product.
Our reps can get to know your team so we can better support your business.
Helps you grow a prosperous relationship with your trade customers.
The perfect time for merchant and supplier to listen to end user feedback.
Training provides an ideal opportunity to hand out merchandise, promote offers and discuss opportunities

Supporting Our Partners

Red Stag Timber is committed to supporting our partners by providing access to the best quality training and product information. Contact us any time to discuss your training requirements...

Welcome from Red Stag Timber General Manager Tim Rigter

A message to course participants

Red Stag's General Manager, Tim Rigter underscores the importance of timber knowledge in all aspects of construction

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Course Overview   

A brief overview on what Red Stag Timber's training courses have to offer.

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Red Stag Timber Site Overview and Investment